Since the 90’s, the Browser Wars continue to rage in the market, as new factors enter, such as Speed and better usability.

SimCity 3000 and its Unlimited version are video games developed by EA Maxis, shortly after the acquisition of Maxis by EA, published in 1999 and 2000 respectively - and they do have a lot of secrets waiting to be uncovered by you.

With the death of Netscape Navigator, AOL-Netscape decided to open-source the browser code, and entrusted its development to the non-profit Mozilla Foundation, to create a successor to Netscape Navigator. For several years, while Internet Explorer was dominating the market, the community-powered Mozilla would develop for several years a new browser, and not a internet suite like Netscape used to have. It included new features such as separate bars for web addresses and search.

The Browser Wars is a concept dating since the late 90s, which describes a competition for dominance in the web browsers’ market share, to obtain its monopoly and have leverage to push changes to the evolution of the Internet.

Apache2 is another well-known HTTP server that powers many websites (like ours, before we switched to Nginx) and other web applications (like reverse proxy) that is very easy to configure. With its modularity of installation, its ease of configuration and the possibility of having several users who each have their own Apache2 site, it is a software of choice for shared hosts unlike Nginx which aims for speed.

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